Broke my toe and other random shenangians!


Wednesday October 29th

Sooo the past week not much has happened but it is has been somewhat eventful!

On Tuesday October 21st I broke my  big right toe during a soccer (football) intramural game. It was my first ever break in my life as well. So the next day Mary Beth who is in charge of the international students drove me to the hospital so I could have an X ray unfortunately for a broken toe they cant really do much.. It was rather painful but was more annoying than anything else..

Not much really happened this week.  I went to the bar last Thursday night as usual but with different people this time. I went with my friends Arthur, and Kristen and later with Chelsea. Was a pretty good except that there were many creepers out!


Friday night I went to a Drag Show that the University hosted. It was pretty funny a lot of laughs and it was something different then going to the bar.

On the Saturday night I had a social gathering with Ashlee, and our friends Miranda, Noah, Joe, Laura and Ashlee it was a pretty fun night! We all ended up staying up until about 3 am..

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Had so many assignments and so much homework lately its been crazy!

Ive also found out that the University is apparently haunted and there is a huge story behind that..

The legend is that a young woman either fell,got pushed or she jumped from the railing inside the building and fell right to the bottom. Some people believe that the building is haunted by her ghost.

Tonight which is Wednesday I was extremely happy as the San Francisco Giants won the world series baseball! This is teh 3rd time they have won in 5 years!! As a huge giants fan I was extremely proud of my team!


Tomorrow I am off to a male beauty contest provided by the University and most likely the bar!! Its also Halloween this Friday pretty excited!

Also I am off to Washington D.C on Saturday for the day with Ashlee!

keep posted for my next blog 🙂



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