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Tuesday November 2014

So the weekend just gone was crazy packed and super fun!!

Last Wednesday I did a presentation to the international club and anyone else who wanted to come on urban legends of Australia and England. I spoke about each of them and although both countries only really slightly celebrate Halloween I mentioned some of the urban legends and some of the true events about both. For Australia I talked about Picnic at Hanging Rock, Azaria Chamberlain, Wolf Creek and I briefly mentioned the superstitions that Australia shared with the rest of the world. For England I talked about Jack the ripper, King Henry the 8th ghost, stone henge and Westminster abbey. everyone really seemed to enjoy my presentation and it was  also fun learning about other cultures urban legends and superstitions!

On Thursday which was October 30th I went to this event that raised money for Breast cancer awareness  that the University hosted which was a male beauty contest in which I went with Ashlee it was quite funny and one of my friends won! Later that night I went to the bar with some friends was a fairly quiet night but was better then staying in!

barr brandon

On Friday October 31st which is my favourite holiday of all time! HALLOWEEN!!

England and Australia do celebrate Halloween but not as much as Americans do and its starting to become popular in Singapore!

Mansfield had all sorts of activities going on during the day such as costume contests, trick or treating, games and many more!

I went out that night with some friends to not just one Halloween party but two!! Was a really really fun night, Didn’t get home until about 3 am..

I dressed up as superwoman, and Ashlee went as a policewoman. So many different and unique costumes that night.. Ashlee and I got about 2 hours of sleep as we had to be up early for Washington D.C! But the night was well worth it ! 🙂

halloweeen halloweeeeen

noahhh meeee

A few facts about Halloween in the USA!

Halloween which is also known as all hallows eve can be traced back to about 2000 years ago

Trick or treating in America didn’t start until after World War 2

some Halloween traditions such as carving Jack o Lanterns are based on Irish folklore

next to Christmas Halloween is second on spending the most money

black cats are symbol for Halloween

candy corn which is the most synonymous with Halloween was invented in the 1880s

My next blog post is about Washington D.C!!


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