Tuesday November 4th 2014

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The Saturday just gone Ashlee and myself and many other students went to Washington D.C for the day! After an eventful and busy Halloween we had to get up around 5:30 am as the bus was leaving at 6:30 am.

Ashlee and I slept most of the way to Washington D.C which is about a 5 hour drive from Mansfield. I went to Washington D.C 5 years year ago with my family so i luckily had done most of the museums and monuments before however I was more than happy to spend at least one day in Washington D.C as it one of my favorite places in the world!

We arrive at about 11:30 am in Washington D.C and the first thing we do is go straight to the Pentagon mall as Ashlee needed to get some winter clothes. We took the metro to the mall which was about a 30 minute trip and left the mall around 3 pm.

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Then we went back to do touristy things  such as we walked past the Washington Monument in which Ashlee calls the pencil. Took the typical tourist photos of course.

We then walked up to the White House which the last time I went to the gates of the White House it poured down with rain so it was nice this time not having it rain!

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After that Ashlee and I decided that we wanted to go into a museum so we went into the Smithsonian museum of natural history which was pretty interesting the only sucky part was that it closed at 5:30 pm and we got there at 5..

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We then decided to sit at Starbucks  for about an  hour an a half as we were extremely tired from the night before and it was bloody freezing outside.

We left Washington D.C around 8 pm that night to head back to Mansfield in which we didn’t get back until after 1 am. However it was  a pretty good day after all!

some facts about Washington D.C!

Washington D.C is the capitol of the United States

It is the 23rd most populous city in the United States

Tourist attractions include

The Washington Monument

The capitol Building

Smithsonian museums

the White House

Lincoln Memorial

National Mall

Washington D.C sits between the states of Virginia and Maryland

It is a relatively large city in which you can not see everything all in one day or even in a few days!

Hopefully I will go back to Washington D.C sometime in the near future 🙂

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Keep posted for my future blogs


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Hiii I'm Sam :) University student at CSU currently on exchange at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania for a semester! Am Australian & British. Grew up in Australia, England, California and in Singapore. I love love travelling. Hope you enjoy my blog and my adventures in the USA :)

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