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It has been a very very busy past few week since my last post. I know that everybody says that, and that they only find a little bit of time to keep blogging. However, I am glad I have been really busy with travels and studying. I promise though I will keep posting about all the major things I do, even if they are a few weeks late.

Going back a few weeks to the 23rd October. I had an exam in Cardiff that was sent from my home university. It was a law exam and so I spent a lot of time hiding in my room studying. As a reward I decided to spend a few extra days in Cardiff, because that was where my exam was located. These two days were a lot of fun!! I decided to see my first ever castle (YES my first). The castle was Cardiff castle.

Cardiff Castle

The castle is about 2000 years old! It was first built as a fort by the Romans. Remains of one of the Roman walls is still able to be seen. Several years later after the conquest by the Normans, the castle was built over the site of the Roman fort. It then got passed to different families throughout the years before being given as a gift to the city.

The day was a bit wet. However, I still managed to take many photos 😀

DSC04427 DSC04439 DSC04431 DSC04443 DSC04445 DSC04452 DSC04456DSC04461DSC04463DSC04467

The remains of the Roman Wall
The remains of the Roman Wall

After visiting the Castle, I then had to go to the Doctor Who Exhibition!!
I am a fan of the show, and I have a good friend who is probably the biggest fan. I knew that if I went I would have to get him a present 😀

DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO DSC04600 DSC04570 DSC04568 DSC04512 DSC04513 DSC04532 DSC04551 DSC04557 DSC04505 DSC04503 DSC04500

The next post I will make is of my International Trip to North Wales.
Cya later
Joe 😀

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