I still can’t believe I’m here!

It happens on random occasions. When I’m in the shower, sitting on the bus or attending a boat cruise in Toronto. I’m in Canada, completing an exchange experience that I have wanted to do for so long. I’m in another country experiencing something I know I’ll look back on in 10 years and feel excitement for. I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I’M IN CANADA! Although I have been here for almost 3 months!

3 months without Nath, my family, my friends, my old puppies and my new baby Butters. I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by. It’s ridiculous! Not next week but the following I’ll be on my 3 week block and then I’m done studying for the year! It’s a bittersweet feeling. I don’t want it to end, but at the same time I’m so excited to explore. Especially with my partner in crime! 32 days and Nath will finally be here! I cannot believe it’s already been 85 since I left. It went fast but at the same time, really slow. Anyway, 32 days and I’ll be free to explore more of Canada and eventually head over to the states to hit up New York, Florida, Las Vegas and Los Angeles! But anyway, back to the present and what I’ve been doing since I posted last.

It has started to get cold, like Australian winter cold. And while I think it’s freezing, the Canadians keep reminding me it’s only going to get worse. Although I don’t mind, because I want to see snow and test out my new, but expensive, coat!

Recently I got to catch up with my oldest friend Miss Kasey Little while she visited Canada! How amazing that we got to have dinner half way around the world together! And did I mention it was up the CN Tower? So I met Georgia and Kase in Toronto and we spent Kasey’s last full day together. Exploring the Ripley’s Aquarium, shopping at Eaton Center and having a 3 course meal at the restaurant in the CN Tower. It was a pretty wonderful day, one that I’ll cherish for a lifetime!

What else, hmm HALLOWEEN!! Never have I ever had so much fun celebrating this day, maybe because I never really celebrated it before?? Anyway, in the morning I went to my placement school and saw all the students dressed up in their costumes! So many Elsa’s!! The kids were so excited for this day, they had been talking about it since thanks giving and were so excited for the whole week prior! After the parade around the school, I dressed as Cinderella for this, I went back home and got ready for Toronto! My good friend Chantal picked me, Stacey and Bec up from our apartment and we headed for Toronto. During the week people were saying it was forecast to snow on Friday night, but I couldn’t believe it. Stacey and I dressed up as a devil and an angel, we wore dresses but compared to other people, we were over dressed. Ever seen mean girls and Halloween is where they dress in lingerie and wear animal ears?? Literally what some people were wearing. Underwear and that is all. Keep in mind it was out on a boat and it was snowing. By 2am when the boat docked I was so tired and fairly cold, but once I stepped off that dock, never have I ever appreciated warmth so much! It was freezing and we were standing in it for at least 20 minutes trying to find a taxi. It was coldness I have never ever experienced, it was snowing and I was dressed in a jumpsuit. Not a good match. Eventually we found a cab that made us pay a $35 tip just to unlock the doors. At this stage I would have given him more, my legs and feet have never felt so numb and achy before. We eventually got to where we were staying and had to stand in a huddle until the owners came home to unlock the door. It was a fairly fantastic night, even with the numbness.

Yesterday was Stacey’s Canadian birthday so we went out for dinner and will continue to celebrate at our first ever ice hockey game on Friday night!

Other than that not much else has happened. The scenery is slowly starting to turn grey and stick like, all the pretty leaves are falling and winter is fast approaching! Well it feels like it for me anyway.

Talk soon!

CN Tower
CN Tower
Halloween night - Snow
Snow in my hair
Halloween - Boat Cruise
Halloween on a boat cruise! An Angel and a Corpse Bride

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