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Sorry for the late update! I guess I’ve been having too much fun in Canada… Since arriving in Thunder Bay I’ve had the most fun, entertaining and eye-opening time. At first when Jack and I arrived things seemed a bit backwards and the city was pretty quiet, but that was only because Uni hadn’t returned yet and students were still arriving. In that way its very similar to CSU Bathurst back home, where the City really revolves around and relies on the student population.

I was unsure how easy it would be to meet people here and then what they would be like. jack and I are not in the same residence but we found this was a positive thing. It let us meet each others roommates and since then we’ve all become good mates. By chance a guy I met in Croatia prior to coming to Canada goes to Uni here and we’ve become good mates since. His family even invited us to their home for thanksgiving dinner which was a great experience. We got to eat a classic turkey dinner with plenty of stuffing, as well as a fair share of wine and beer. It was a perfect way to gain some more knowledge of Thunder Bay as well as the chance to have a contact for future travels. Myself, Jack and Rachel have been lucky enough to make a good group of friends here and with them have already travelled around both Thunder Bay and the States. Not long ago we went on a road trip to Minneapolis in the US for a concert which was unreal. We saw some amazing scenery on the way there as we drove around Lake Superior (the largest body of fresh water in the world) and then the different scenery as we entered the US. It’s starting to snow here which is exciting (not so much for the Canadians apparently). We’re also in the process of organising a ski trip with the snowfields and slopes only a short drive away. We’re starting to realise that its a shame we’re not staying for the entire year as we’re just getting to really know the people and the area well. If it was possible for me to continue for the rest of the year I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to.

Until next time ! Calum

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