Do want to build a snowman?

Morning everyone!
(this is where you sing song back “good morning Miss Greene haha) I hope everyone is enjoying the heat that Aus is producing right now. I know I’m definitely enjoying the SNOW! Yes you read correctly, snow! Snow in November (apparently it’s rare, not that I’d know). I’m excited over it, the Canadians, not so much. My AT keeps reminding me that I love it because I know I get to leave it, which probably has a little truth to it. Anyway the snow is absolutely magical, it’s really soft and fluffy. It actually feels a lot like sand when you walk on it. The first day it really snowed it was sitting on the tree branches and roof tops so perfectly, it was a breath-taking sight. It does look really pretty, but there have also been times where I’ve nearly rolled my ankle because of it. Because there’s been a fair bit, you can no longer see the footpath and don’t know where the edge is and I’ve kind of slipped off it a few times. Nothing too major!

Stacey and I went to Niagara Falls last weekend for a weekend away before placement started! It was definitely a much-needed rest! We left Thursday morning and came back Saturday afternoon! This time we got to experienced Clifton Hill, which is a really cool street that’s filled with sideshow games and places like Ripley’s believe it or not, wax museums and mini golf. We also did a bit of shopping at the outlet malls and touristy souvenir shops. And my favourite, dinner up the Skylon Tower that overlooked Niagara Falls. It was yet another wonderful experience in Canada, Niagara Falls twice!

Anyway, another exciting experience has begun, my 3 week placement. One of the major reasons I’m here! First week is done and dusted ūüôĀ It kind of breaks my heart knowing I only have 10 days left with these amazing kids. They’re so wonderful, they really are! My first week was eventful, to say the least. Teachers are so much more than just people who teach children English and Math. This week alone I’ve become a mediator, a friend, a nurse, a tailor and probably a lot more to come. It has been a wake up call and a reassurance, not that I didn’t know it before, but it’s a demanding job. There is constantly things to be doing. You really need to find a cut off-line I guess, know when you need to stop and take a break. The reassuring part is knowing that yes this is going to be hard, but it’s definitely what I want to do. This placement has completely reinforced that teaching is what I want to do.

On a less intense note, Nath donated some AFL footballs for me to bring over to Canada and I taught a PE lesson with them. The funniest thing to see grade 2/3s try to bounce them like normal balls. They couldn’t understand why they bounced in different directions. We focused on handballing, they kind of got it, but a little more practice is necessary. Oh and I also had a child throw up during one of my lessons, interesting experience. I forgot that children get sick like that, it was definitely shocking and smelt awful but we just carried on while the janitor swept it up like it was dirt haha

Oh and lucky last, Nathans here in 16 days and it’s only 5 weeks till Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year!! Christmas in America and now Christmas in Canada! Pretty blessed with where my life has taken me!

Love and miss you!


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Niagara Falls
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