Quick little side trip

Everything is starting to wrap up now as I’m approaching the end of my exchange at Southern Connecticut State University. I wanted to fit a few more travels in before the end.
To start I met a friend in NYC for a brief overnight break. We managed to go on a river cruise to check out Manhattan from the Hudson and get up near the Statue of Liberty, checked out the Intrepid museum, went to Times Square for the Marvel S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibit and madam Tussard’s wax museum (where we made a video for my team back home for their grand final game) and then headed to Harlem for some gospel church experience and some soul food. We topped the night off with a visit to the top of the (very windy and cold) rock for some pretty night views of NYC. It was all pretty full on, we just went ice skating in Bryant Park the next morning and then for a quick wander around Central Park before I had to skip off back to Connecticut for my last training with the CT rollergirls.
To continue the travel Kate (another Aussie exchange student) and I decided to take a few days over the weekend and head down to Orlando, Florida to Universal Studios & Island of Adventure with the main aim of going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I went last year whilst on holidays but hadn’t seen the new edition of Diagon Alley so I was pretty excited!
We stayed for 4 nights and had three days at the park drinking butter beer, riding roller coasters and shopping far too much and narrowly avoiding a tornado warning on the way out!
Three things were lost to this trip:
– my favourite sunglasses
– my student ID
– my credit card
So essentially all things I could do without loosing really. The trip was still a massive win and we had a great time so bring on the next one!









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