Hi everyone,

My name is Grant, I am an exercise science student at the CSU Bathurst campus. I have entered into the exchange program and now I am in Canada! I will be exchanging to Thompson River University in Kamloops BC. I have arrived in Canada early as I am a fanatic snowboarder and I am getting in some boarding at Sun Peaks before I head down to Kamloops.

The reason I picked Canada is because of the great skiing and I love the cold in general, they have told me here though that it can get pretty hot in summer =/ hope not…

So I will post photo’s and stuff and I’m happy for anyone to ask me questions if you are having trouble with anything when your organising your trip =) It can be a really daunting and sometimes stressful task moving overseas! Luckily I have my wife with me who has been awesome in helping me organise everything, I’m sure I should be able to be helpful =)

I have attached a photo of the great snow we have had here in Sun Peaks


I’ll post again soon everyone! Thanks =)

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