Random Shenanaigans in Mansfield!!

Thursday November 13th

the past week  and a half has been crazy here in Mansfield. I have had quite a fair bit of homework to do and its coming up to finals in a month which is crazy!

On Wednesday night  November 5th I went to Gregory’s bar and had wings with my friend Kayla they were really good! Was only meant to stay at the bar until about 11 pm however I ended up staying out until about 2 am… Oops. Later that night we met other friends at the bar it was a pretty good night


On Thursday  November 6th I had class like always and then that night I went to the bar for my friend Brandon’s birthday he turned 22! it was a pretty good night didn’t stay out as late as the night before..


Friday it snowed!!! and it was bloody freezing! went out to the bar again that night..

snww arthurr

Saturday it was a bloody cold today I did some homework then I went to a friends house that night and we had a relaxing evening I somehow I ended up at the bar again..


Today being sunday I was meant to participate in a dodge ball tournament but my toe is still kinda sore. Did some homework..

Tuesday November 11th I played soccer again. Three weeks later and my toe is finally healed!! still didn’t score a goal though 🙁


Wednesday November 12th I went to the bar with Kayla again and some other friends. It was also someones 21st so it was a pretty good night!!


Tonight I am hanging out with my friend Katie, Scotty, Collin and Chris we are playing monopoly and doing homework..

On Saturday I am going home to watch my first ever NFL GAME!

stay posted for my next blog 🙂


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