International week, ball and other randoms!

Sunday November 23rd


So this past week has been really busy. The International club that I am apart of had International week in which a few of us did presentations on our country and we made food as well. I did two presentations one on Australia and the other on England. As I am both  English and Australian I thought it would be a good idea to do both countries. Ashlee helped me make food for the Australia presentation. We decided to make Pavlova, Fairy bread, sausage rolls and people even tried vegemite. The presentation on Australia was about the culture and history, many people were surprised to learn that Australia was inhabited by Aboriginal’s many years ago and that it does snow in Australia. The food was really successful and everyone seemed to enjoy learning a little bit about Australia. Other presentations included Liberia, the virgin islands and Jamaica. For my England presentation I had cucumber sandwiches, biscuit’s, tea and spotted duck pudding. I talked about thee royal family and how the English really love their football/soccer. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and the presentation for that one too.

Englanddd   Australiaaa

fairy-bread   england

On the Saturday night We had an international ball which was a Chinese theme. We all got dressed up and there was even Chinese food! It was a really fun night. International week  was a success as we got to learn so much more about other cultures as well as teaching everyone around us about ours. Other events from this week included typical bar nights with friends, staying up late doing homework and attending other peoples presentations. I also went to the movies during the week to see Dumb and Dumber two with friends. the movie theatre was in Wellsboro and it was a very small movie theatre!

balll   ash

arthur1   blackwhite

Last Night after the ball I went to a social gathering and hung out with friends. It was a pretty fun week overall 🙂


Keep posted for my next blog which is Thanksgiving!

ps. There are more photos from International week and when I get them I shall upload them

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