Last few days in Mansfield and goodbye!

Sunday December 14th

mansfield collage

So today I said goodbye to Mansfield it was very sad to say goodbye but hopefully someday in the future I will get to go back and visit. Although I had only lived in Mansfield for four months they were four months that I will never forget. Had some really great memories and made some amazing new friends!

good timessssss

On Thursday night I celebrated that the semester was over and went to the bar for a little bit then I went to a social gathering with friends which was pretty fun but it wasn’t a late night as I had two hours of sleep the night before as I was studying for my last two finals.

On Friday I said goodbye to Ashlee as she was  going on her vacation/holiday.I also said goodbye to other friends  as they were all leaving too. Had my last meal at upper Manser so no more gross Manser food! That night I went to the bar like usual and hung out with friends.. don’t remember what time I got home


On the Saturday which was my very last day in Mansfield I had lunch at Gregory’s bar and had wings for the very last time and they were delicious too!  I went back to my room and paced most of it up and just enjoyed the last afternoon.


I ate dinner that night at the Hungry Monkey which was really good and said goodbye to my friend Sam! Then I went to my friend Kristen’s apartment for drinks.. I went to the bar that night for the very last time..  I had a very good last night in Mansfield..pretty sure I got home around 2 am..

black   friends3


Today my parents came and collected me around 10:30 am with my puppy of course.

Hopefully someday I will be back to visit.Thanks for the great semester Mansfield 🙂


Keep posted for my next blog!


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