Almost the end of the semester…

snow days

Thursday December 11th

Sooo since thanksgiving break ended everything has been rather busy. Today I finished my last final which marked the end of my academic semester at Mansfield University. I am leaving Mansfield in three days time which is really sad!  The past week and a half has been filled with saying goodbye to everyone, enjoying my last weekend in Mansfield, studying for finals, packing and just enjoying the American college life. Last week apart from doing school work and studying I went to the bar like usual with friends.

katieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  miranda

My last weekend in Mansfield I was meant to take a trip to New York City however as My parents only live an hour away I decided to wait until the break and we wouldn’t get back until after midnight so I decided to stay in Mansfield and enjoy my second last weekend here. I went out both on Friday night and Saturday night with friends to the bar and social gatherings. It was nice to hang out with everyone for the very last time before it was time to say goodbye. Last night we also had our very last international gathering which consisted of cake,bisquits and chocolates!

mountie  good times

lauraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa   kayla!

This past week has been really cold and it has snowed as well.  Today I had two finals in which hopefully   I did okay!

semester over  bye

Tonight I will be going out to celebrate that finals are over but also that I am now on break/holidays until march next year!

Its been a great semester here at Mansfield and I am sad to leave.. However I still have three more days to enjoy it before it really is time to say goodbye!


keep posted for my final blog of my time in Mansfield 🙂


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