Thanksgiving Break!


So the past week we had Thanksgiving break which started from last Tuesday until today. We go back to classes tomorrow.


My family doesn’t really celebrate thanksgiving however I did go home and we did have a turkey though!

Last Monday and Tuesday night I went to the bar it was good just to be able to hang out with friends before the break!


On Wednesday morning my parents came and collected me with my puppy too. It snowed really heavily on the way home back to New Jersey and the few days after I was home it was really cold.  I didn’t go much this break just stayed at home and had a lot of catching up of homework to do. It was also bloody cold and it snowed for a little bit of the time. on the Thursday I watched the Macys day thanksgiving day parade and because my brother was busy that day we had turkey the next day which was really nice. It also snowed on Thanksgiving!

snow2    thanksgiving


It also is beginning to feel like Christmas because the Christmas tree in the town that my parents live in has been put up and it looks really pretty


In exactly two weeks time today my time at Mansfield will be over! Im going to miss it here but I am looking forward to going back to university in Australia.

Keep posted for my next bog 🙂

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