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After a hectic few months of travelling and studying at the same time, I can now say that I have come to a relaxing stage of my journey. I am currently writing this blog from Oulu, Finland. I am staying with my good friend Evie who was an exchange student at CSU Bathurst campus. We became really good friends and she welcomed me by allowing me to stay with her and her family in Finland around Christmas. So here I am beside a Christmas tree, looking out at the large amount of snow outside. It is currently -7 degrees. My Canadian clothing has become really useful! However, before I talk about Finland I should tell you what has been happening these last few months.

My last post was of a trip I took to Cardiff, Wales. After that little journey we had a week at Chester University called development week. A week for catching up with your studies. However, my international friends and I came to look at the week as a travelling week haha. Two Americans, another Aussie and I decided to travel to Ireland and then Portugal. Christina (American) and Mallery (Aussie) went to Ireland a day earlier while Mitch and I traveled there the next day. Mitch and I had to catch a early morning flight from Liverpool to Dublin. With the last train arriving at midnight it meant we had to sleep at the airport. WORST IDEA!! The sleep was terrible with a man who knew how to snore through our ear pugs and a homeless man trying to evade the many police officers in the airport.

Once we arrived in Dublin we made our way to find our Hostel and the girls. All of us then went on a free walking tour (not actually free as the guide expects tips. However, still worth every Euro!). We found the history or Dublin really interesting the people and incredibly welcoming, “cead mile failte” (One hundred thousand welcomes). That night the guys went to bed earlier because of the big bus trip we had planned for the next day.



Second Day in Ireland

We rose early for a free breakfast in our Hostel and then made our way to where we were meant to meet the bus for our tour. This tour first took as to a truck station that has been named after President Barack Obama. To my surprise they had TIM HORTONS (A Canadian fast casual restaurant that I fell in love with in Canada). I ran inside to discover they did not have my favourite Canadian coffee, a french vanilla 🙁 However, the rest of the tour was fantastic, we saw the Cliffs of Moher, many castles, other beautiful scenery!!

DSC04980 DSC04970

DSC05012 DSC04990 DSC05017


The day ended by travelling north to Belfast.

Third Day in Ireland

This day was my favourite day! We decided to do another tour! This time to the Giants Causeway!!! 😀 The Giants Causeway is a special rock formation that has taken millions of years to occur. I could try and describe it. However, pictures can only show you how amazing this place is!

DSC05079 DSC05090 DSC05116 DSC05137 DSC05085

The Giant’s Causeway


The gang :)
The gang 🙂

On the forth day we did a Black Cab Tour (Yes another tour!) and then returned to Dublin to catch our flight to Faro, Portugal the next day.

Portugal will be my next post.

Have a Merry Christmas 🙂

Hope to talk to you soon

Joe 😀

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