GOODBYE USA.. Back to Australia!

Saturday January 17th 2015

usa flag

So I am currently at the airport typing up this blog  feeling very bittersweet as my time here in the USA is over. I am excited to go home but then I am going to miss the USA!

( due to technical difficulties this last blog is only getting published today However I did have this all written out though )

Apart of me will always have a place for Mansfield and for the USA in general. Even though this time I Didn’t get to go back to San Francisco this time I am for sure going back next time!

The last 6 and half months in the USA have been rewarding and an overall great experience. I got to go to places that I hadn’t been before such as Dallas, the coal mine, Philadelphia , Pittsburgh and I walked the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time ever.

I really enjoyed my time here as at Mansfield I was the British Australian and I enjoyed telling Mansfield students about England, Australia, Singapore and even California.

It was really rewarding being able to share your culture and learn so much about other peoples.

I am also sad to leave because I had to go say goodbye to my family however I will be seeing them in June though!

I know that someday I will go back to Mansfield and visit everybody. I am so thankful for this experience as I got to make so many more friends and have so many different adventures. I also learnt that I don’t really have just one home but many and my time in the USA will never be forgotten.

This photo was taken when I left Australia last July


This photo was taken today leaving the USA!


Its been a wonderful 6 and a half months USA and I will be back soon

See you soon Australia! 🙂


PS. I am thinking about starting another blog page about all the countries I have lived in/visited around the world so stay posted 🙂


Classes, steak and shopping

Week 3 of classes has just begun and I’m starting to get into the rhythm of life at Wise.  The classes here are very similar to tutorials back at CSU, but I have no lecture style classes.

I have joined the student newspaper as a volunteer contributor with a story about the differences between living on-campus in Bathurst to Wise which is coming out on Wednesday.  It took a while for me to ‘translate’ some of the things eg. blackcurrent juice, ute and Uni.

Yesterday (Sunday) my suite-mate Ashleigh and me went to Johnson City in Tennessee to go shopping.  The prices here are much cheaper than Australia! The trip was also the first time I have eaten a pretzel (loved the saltiness) and we went to Texas Steak House, which was delicious!  This was alsothe first time I had to tip a waiter, so thank god I was with Ashleigh otherwise I feel like I would have overtipped a lot.

I have already successfully converted my suitemates into using ‘Uni’ and ‘breakie’ and they have convinced me to eat some questionable deep-fried foods at the Caf!

My roommate Kelsey and me

My roommate Kelsey and me.



Hi 😀

Three weekends after I visited my friends in Switzerland, I traveled to Prague with my friends Mal and Christina (the two girls I traveled with to Ireland and Portugal). Prague is definitely one of my favourite places to visit!! The city’s beauty and history is absolutely incredible!! Thinking about this place now, if I was able to do a third exchange program, I would try and do it here!

Our first day in Prague was spent looking around the outside of the palace and the cathedral which is situated within the palace’s “village”. The cathedral is one of the most stunning aspects of the city. It is that tall that it is quite hard to get a good photo of it when you standing outside it.


The actual palace


the rear of the Cathedral

DSC05736 DSC05740

The second day started by doing a free walking tour. We met our tour guide called “Ashley”, who was Australian who has moved to Prague. After talking with Ashley, I found out that his study town was Bathurst.. Yes he went to Charles Sturt Bathurst Campus! (Small World haha). Ashley was the best tour guide I have had this entire exchange, not only because he studied in Bathurst and was Australia, but because he had really good humour! We found all his stories of the city and history fascinating and funny. I really enjoyed this tour.
At the end of the tour we went and looked at the Christmas markets. The markets were also amazing! With really good food (cheap as well!).

DSC05807 DSC05809 DSC05811

The next day in Prague was spent looking at all the souvenir shops. There were quite a lot in Prague. I spent hours looking for the best deals for presents for myself and my family. During the time shopping we went back to the Christmas markets because the food was really good! 😀
In the evening, Christina and I climbed the Astronomical Clock. The view was amazing! I took a lot of photos when I was up there.

DSC05821 DSC05838 DSC05848 DSC05854 DSC05862 DSC05875


I final day was spent back at the Christmas markets, and doing a little bit of shopping. We then had to leave the city around lunch time to catch a train to Brno (a few hours away) to get our flight back to England.

Joe 😀


7 Lessons in 7 Days


I’ve been in the US for a week now and here is what I’ve learnt so far:

1. Being 21 is my new superpower.

All I would say, is that all Australian students who want to study in the US should wait until they are 21.

2. That it can be freezing, with snow on the ground, but be sunny.

See picture below.


The day after it snowed.

: The day after it snowed.

3. That people do not know what an Australian sounds like.

My conversations at a party on the weekend:

“Hi, I’m [insert name here]”

“Hi, I’m Larissa”

“Oh, where ya’ll from? You don’t sound like ya’ll from here”

“Where do you think I’m from?”

“Europe somewhere?”



*Me weird look because Germany is in Europe* “Nope”

“England… Canada… France… Australia?”


4. That Americans love Australian accents

Following previous conversation:

“Oh ma god, I love ya’ll accent!”


Continues to either ask me to talk or copy what I’m saying (usually results in an English accent).

5. That Pizza is my new diet.

However, I have bargained with myself that it is perfectly okay to eat a cheese pizza about 3 times a week as long as you choose celery to go with it!



6. That everyone basically just wants to know if we have kangaroos

Questions have included:

“Do you have kangaroos there?”

“Can you pat them?”

“How big are they?”

“Have you seen a joey?”

“Are they like deer here?” (as in, are they everywhere and most commonly road kill)

7. That people here are lovely and just want to talk to you.

Everyone I have talked to this week has wanted to know everything about Australia, my accent and my life at home.  Coming here has proven that although we are different in many ways, we are all people, around the same age, who all have similar pressures, fun and aspirations no matter where we live.  It proves just what a small world we live in.


My second to last day in the USA!!

Friday January 16th 2015

g mgmgmg
So today was my last full day in the USA!
I just got back from having a nice meal out with my family. We went to a restaurant in Morristown New Jersey not far from Madison.

Today I walked into town to have lunch and a coffee. It was ridiculously cold today I don’t think I will miss this cold!

Apart from that I walked my puppy and packed most of the day.
I can’t believe I leave tomorrow it’s all gone by so fast but I’ve had such a great time here in the USA!!

Some of the best things I’ve done have been


Six Flags Theme Park

Exchange at Mansfield University

Dallas, Texas

Baseball Game

NFL Game

Pittsburgh Weekend

Broadway Musicals

Statue of Liberty

Washington D.C

Niagara Falls

Fleetwood Mac Concert


The Jersey Shore Beach


Coal Mine in Pennsylvania

Brooklyn Bridge

and Pretty much everything !

This photo here sums up my entire past 6 months in the USA!!


Also I am really going to miss my puppy and cat!

my babiesss

Keep posted for my last blog!!


The MET and NYC!!

Friday January 16th 2015 Soo yesterday my mum and I went to the famous metropolitan museum of art in NYC! We got the train from Madison New Jersey around 9:20 and were at Penn Station New York by 10 am. We then went straight from there to the met. We got a cab which was about a 20 minute ride and costed 20 dollars .


The met is one of the most famous museums in nyc There is just so much to see from ancient Egypt to Rome to Asia and there’s even an expedition about American mourning dresses in the 1800s! The Entry cost is suggested to be 20 dollars however you can pay what you want. We did the Ancient Rome and Greek expeditions which were really cool. We also looked at the mourning dresses which was pretty impressive music was quite depressing though but it was worth seeing, we also looked at ancient Egypt which I love as there is just so much to see. Then we had a look at Asian art and cubism! It was well worth going to the museum!

the met nyc

After that we got a taxi to little Italy! We had a delicious lunch at this cute Italian restaurant.. Sadly they didn’t have a bud light beer but the food was really good though!!

little italy little

We then walked from little Italy back to Times Square which took about 40 minutes it was a rather cold walk but the sun was shining. After that I got a typical tourist photo in Times Square !

new york!

Then we headed back to Penn station to go home,. I really do love NYC and I can’t wait to go back next time! Keep posted for my best blog 🙂 X

Skiing in New York!

Thursday January 15th 2015


So last Sunday my family and I went skiing in New York! I was beyond excited as I hadn’t been skiing for over 2 years!

We went to a place called Belleayre Mountain which is located in the Catskills ski resorts in New York! From our house its about a two hour drive and if you buy lift tickets online they are about $50 dollars!

We left around 7 am as we had two hours to drive and we wanted to make sure that we had most of the day to ski!

we around 9 am and then went and got our rentals and had a rather ordinary coffee by  10 am we were on our first run of the day!

bell brotherski

The skiing wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t the greatest and not the worst.  The only negative of the day was that it was really cold!

Around 11:30 am we stopped to have lunch.

After lunch we skied for another hour and a half as a few of the runs were closed and it was even more colder!

It was a really good day though! I was so happy that I finally got to go skiing!

ski family skiiii

We left the ski area around 2 pm and on our way home we stopped at the famous town of Woodstock! We had a great coffee, didn’t get to look at the town though but there’s always next time!

If you want to go skiing in the USA the best time to go is in February as there is a lot more snow!

Hopefully I can go skiing again this year!


Keep posted for my next blog 🙂