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During the second week of Development week. My friends and I traveled to Faro, Portugal. The sun and the 20 degrees that we arrived in was a welcome change compared to rainy England. The first day in Faro was spent walking around the town and eating from the local bakery. Afterwards, we went to the roof of the hostel and had a few beers as we watched the sunset together.

The next day we went on a boat tour of the nature reserve and saw many different birds that nested in the area. This tour took us the edge of the bay so we were able to look out at the sea đŸ™‚

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The third day in Portugal was spent travelling to Lagos, Portugal. Once we arrived we walked around the city, looking at the many different shops and tasting Portuguese food. Yum yum! The second day in Lagos was probably one of the best days on my exchange over here. We decided to do a kayak tour around the cliffs of the city. These cliffs have hidden passages that allow you to kayak through them. Some of these passages lead to a small beach in the middle of the cliff. It was really an incredible experience!!


This was our last day in Lagos. The next day we headed to Lisbon.

Lisbon is a really nice city! I really enjoyed the many people I met there, and all the cheap markets. Most of the people we met there were Americans and Brazilians who stayed at our hostel. They were all really nice, and we all had a great dinner together. My last day in Portugal was the day after arriving in Lisbon. I really wished that I could have stayed a few more days in Lisbon. However, I needed to return to Chester for classes. This last day was spent doing a free tour of the city to learn some history, and then packing my bags to head to the airport. Overall, the whole Portuguese experience was incredible!!!

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