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Hi everyone!

So much to update you all on. Uni has started and I have completed my orientation and first week of classes! Very cool stuff, all is good.
Orientation was pretty crazy, I met more people from all over the world then I have ever met in my life! There were thousands of exchange students from every corner of the globe!! I met Russians, Indians, Italians, Spanish, Americans, and heaps more.. Orientation lasted 3 days and pretty much made sure that all incoming international students were organised with paperwork, login details for computer and net, students cards, accommodation and everything that people may have been having trouble with. This uni really has it’s organisation of people down which can make life a lot less stressful for many 🙂

I have 2 different lecturers who both have an obvious love for their profession which makes learning motivation flow a lot better as you all should have experienced. I have a few nerves now that I have the course outlines for my subjects though… This uni hands out about double the amount of assessment items that CSU does and a lot more group work!!! I’m slightly freaking about that because I want to get good marks to represent Australia and CSU well, so I’ll be working in the books pretty hard for a while.
On top of that I am slowly trying to improve my social skills.. I am not the best when it comes to making new friends and getting amongst the people and stuff, it just comes a little harder to me I think :/ I have been trying to improve this aspect of myself by getting into the uni culture here and also life outside of uni in different social settings.

Another great thing about the international student section of Thompson River University is that every 3 weeks..ish they get a few buses down and take us to do some kind of activity that’s usually pretty special to Canadian culture. On the 3rd day of orientation we went on a tubing trip at night on this small and freezing mountain.. I had a bit of a blast 🙂 I talked to everybody around me and had some great laughs with people from all over the world. Check out a few of my terrible pics…

20150104_162640 20150104_162645(0)  20150104_163605 20150104_163612 20150104_171026

As well as the tubing trip I’m going to go on a ice fishing trip, a crazy bridge walk, ice skating, a hockey game, learning hockey on a frozen lake and maybe a logging day =) They are great adventures to go on that get you a little bit amongst the culture and break the ice =)

In addition to these I have joined a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club here in Kamloops with a great group of people to continue my training with a bit of international experience.


So that’s it for the last couple of weeks guys. As always you can shoot me questions or whatever. Hope all is well back home. I’ll write again soon 🙂

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  1. This experience will make you a confident and self assured person. Love reading your blog keep up the good work.

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