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On Friday 14th of November I went to Switzerland for a long weekend to visit two of my good friends that I made in my first exchange in Canada. The flight was a morning flight which was meant to leave London Stanstead Airport around 7am. However, the flight was delayed a few hours. The main problem was that there was not public transport from Chester to the Airport that would arrive in the early hours of the morning, so I had to sleep in the airport on the Thursday night. Yes my second time sleeping at a airport!! I was luckier this time as I had a few more hours of sleep 🙂

I flew to Basel Airport. When I arrived I was meant to be picked up by my friend who lives in Switzerland. My other friend had class in Germany before he would meet as in Switzerland. I went quickly through the airport (because the plane was late) to find my friend. I walked out into the welcome area, except he wasn’t there? I then went to the car park and he was not there? At this stage I was getting a bit worried, so I decided to use my phone to call him. “Kevin where are you?”
“I’m at the welcome area”
“No your not”
“Yes I am”
“Okay??? I’ll ring you back”
I looked around the car park and noticed a big fence that seemed to cut directly through the middle of the airport car park. I followed the fence and it turned into a wall and ran straight through the middle of the airport buildings. Inside in the welcome area (Kevin was not there) the wall continued. I looked through one of the windows in the wall, and I could see a welcome area on the other side. There was Kevin!! I ran through several doors and found myself shaking my good friend’s hand. “Where were you?” He asked. “Just behind that wall?” I said
“Oh that’s the French side of the airport” he said.

Turns out the airport has a Switz and French side. I can now say that I have visited France for a short time haha.
Basically, that day I learnt not to rush too much and miss the signs, like the sign that said “Welcome to France” hahaha

In Switzerland, Kevin and I first traveled to Creux de Van to climb the mountain. Straight away after reaching the top I knew that Switzerland was going to be a favourite country 🙂







That night we met up with our German friend who we call “Boo” and talked till late at night.

The next day we headed to Lucerne to look around the city. The city was really beautiful with its wooden bridges and stone lion. During the night we did a Canadian tradition and watch a ice-hockey game in Zurich.

DSC05383 DSC05386 DSC05396 DSC05399



DSC05420 DSC05423

The last day in Switzerland was spent going to the Rheinfall. This is the largest waterfall in Europe! It was very impressive!! We then traveled a mountain near where Kevin lives to look out at the Switz Alps 😀
Lastly, we traveled to Basel so that Boo could catch a train home and so that I could get my flight back to the UK.

DSC05458 DSC05471




DSC05497 GOPR1171

DSC05517 DSC05536 DSC05577

The time with my good friends Boo and Kevin was beyond words!! I am so thankful to Kevin and his family for having me stay with them and trying Switz food. Yummy! I am really glad I have friends across the world. I would not have seen as many of the sights I saw in Switzerland without these friends 😀

Hope to see the guys again soon!

Joe 😀


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