Merry christmas and Rock of Ages Musical!!

Sunday December 27th


sooo this past week it was Christmas which is one of my favorite holidays! for the first time in five years we had a Christmas tree which was awesome!  Was my puppy’s first Christmas and it was good to have a Christmas at home with my cat too.  For the past five years we have been travelling around Christmas time.  Sadly it didn’t snow this year on Christmas 😦 It was still a good day after all though!

food1  pup1


Anyways this blog is rather short so yesterday my brother and I went into NYC again to see a Broadway musical. My second one this year! We caught the train in around 2 pm and went straight to TKTS. Its a place right in Times Square where you can get discounted tickets! We got cheap tickets to see Rock of Ages the musical! the show didn’t start until around 8pm. We walked back to the famous tree so that I could se it in again but at night time! It which it looks a lot more prettier at night ! However we went at the wrong time as there were people everywhere it was bloody chaos, luckily we got out of there and we were able to find a restaurant to have dinner before the show started! Had dinner at a nice Irish pun I ate fish and chips of course!


Show started around 8 pm and it was a bloody awesome show! Hadn’t seen a good show like that in years. I had no idea what the story was about but It turned out to be a good story with good music and really cool costumes! I highly recommend people to see this musical! After the show my brother and I got to meet some of the cast which was cool! We caught the last train home around 11:30 pm.

brotherrrrr22  actor2


Tomorrow  I am off to Jamaica!! stay tuned for my next blog 🙂


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Hiii I'm Sam :) University student at CSU currently on exchange at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania for a semester! Am Australian & British. Grew up in Australia, England, California and in Singapore. I love love travelling. Hope you enjoy my blog and my adventures in the USA :)

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