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Monday December 22nd

So the past week I have been back at my parents house in New Jersey. I went into New York City with mum last Thursday to do some Christmas shopping and we also got to see the big tree by the Rockefeller center.  We left home around 9 am and caught the 9:30 train into the city. We had a look at some shops, then we went to the Christmas tree which was all decorated and looked really pretty. After that we had lunch at an Irish pub which was  really nice.  The food was absolutely delicious. after that we looked at some shops then caught the train back home. Although we didn’t do much it was nice to spend the day in the city even though it was quite busy because of Christmas. It wasn’t too cold which was good.

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Yesterday which was Sunday. my parents, brother and  I drove into the city so we could walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It has been on my bucket list for a long time to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and it was finally happening! We left home around 10 am and got into the city around 11 am. Walking across the bridge only takes about 30 minutes. It was a rather cold day however we still managed to get some really nice photos!  We were going to have lunch in Brooklyn  but we couldn’t find anywhere nice to go so instead we just walked back across the bridge. We had a really nice lunch back in NYC. After lunch we drove back home.

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Here  are some facts about the bridge

it is one of the oldest bridges in the United States

it  was completed in 1883

it was the first steel wire bridge constructed

it became a national historic landmark in 1964

The total length of the bridge is 5989 feet

The bridge was designed by a German immigrant- John Augustus Roebling

Today it s one of the iconic landmarks of New York City

I really enjoyed walking across the bridge you get a beautiful view of New York City and it something that highly recommend anyone to do.

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Apart from getting ready for Christmas not much else has been happening here.

Stay posted for my next blog 🙂


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