Montego Bay JAMAICA -Part One

Wednesday January 7th 2015

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SOO on Sunday December 28th 2014 my family and I travelled to Montego bay Jamaica. Our flight left around 9 am from Newark International airport and we arrived in Jamaica at about 12:45. By 2 pm we were at the hotel in which we had some problems getting our rooms but we finally got them a few hours later 🙂

I was beyond excited to be in Jamaica as it had been on my bucket list to go there for such a long time.

I walked the beach that afternoon which was absolutely stunning. Went out for dinner that night to a really nice restaurant that had delicious fish and some traditional Jamaican food. Drank a little too much rum that night..


The next day  which was Monday December 29th we walked into the town and found a really nice coffee shop and walked past many souvenir shops! Also visited another part of the island that day and got to experience the horrendous Jamaican traffic! The roads are not the best in Jamaica. Also had lunch out that day where they had a little bit of information on the famous movie Cool Running’s!

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Went into the Caribbean sea that day which was just lovely. The weather was also just great

The next day which was Tuesday December 30th was a rather long day!  That day we had a bus ride and a boat trip to these famous Jamaican waterfalls where some of James Bond was filmed! The waterfalls are called Dunn’s River falls!

The day started off for us around 8:15 am as we got on a two hour bus trip to catch a boat to the famous falls! On the bus trip we had a guide that provided us information about Jamaican and showed us places along the way where some famous Jamaicans had lived or still lived this included Bob Marley, Usain Bolt and others!


Around 10:30 am we got to Ocho Rios to get on the boat. There were many tourists from all over the world on this boat and the tour guides were Jamaicans themselves that were very lively and liked to play music very loud however they were very funny though. Around 11:30 am we were finally at the falls! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of my own from climbing the falls as taking a non waterproof phone or camera was a good idea. However there was a camera guy that was filming everyone as we climbed up and taking group photos. The falls themselves are very beautiful, we climbed all the way up to the top which was about 180 feet. The falls are not as easy to climb as you think they would be! Everyone has a tour guide with them to help them climb the falls. The famous James Bond movie Doctor No had a scene filmed there!

dunns-river  the-river

Around 12:30 pm we made our way back to the boat to have lunch and head back. Of course on the way back there was music played and dancing on the boat. We got back to the hotel around 5 pm. It was a fun but tiring day!

Had a nice dinner that night!


Stayed tuned  for part two!



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