I’m (at) Wise!

So after 4 planes, a lot of pretty gross airplane food, awkward conversations with strangers and a day that lasted for about 40 hours I have made it to the US, specifically a little town called Wise.

Mum and Dad had joked on the way to the airport that I was sure to know someone on the plane and low and behold, 6 of my cousins where heading to Sydney on the same plane as me!

I learnt (disappointingly) that you should take a closer look at the passengers on a plane, for 13 and a half hours into my 14 hour flight from Sydney to Los Angeles I realised that Australian actor Rhys Wakefield was sitting only 4 seats across from me! I tried to play it cool but I think he saw me peeking!

Rhys Wakefield - so close yet so far! Ps. This is not him on the plane
Rhys Wakefield – so close yet so far! Ps. This is not him on the plane

When I finally got off my last plane (smallest plane ever – I thought it may fall out of the sky) I was met by a professor and student ambassador who had graciously agreed to drive me almost an hour to Wise.

The University of Virginia's College at Wise
The University of Virginia’s College at Wise

My roommate, Kelsey, is a southern darling. I was honestly worried about having a roommate but she has been wonderful and we get on so well! We giggle together about both our accents and the funny things we both say!

Wise is tiny and the university is too. It’s been absolutely freezing since I arrived but it is yet to snow! The icy footpath was fun to navigate today. It’s foggy all day and you cannot see very far in front of you at all.

I’ve been to Walmart (it was very intimidating), eaten a biscuit (not the same as in Australia and I wasn’t a fan), been asked if I was British (more than once) and have been to a college basketball game where the players where introduced by a commentator and spotlight (it was pretty epic!). Everyone wants to hear about kangaroos and learn new words – ‘soft drink’ is pretty funny apparently!

Aussie beauty products at Walmart - sorry US but it's not a thing!
Aussie beauty products at Walmart – sorry US but it’s not a thing!

I had my first classes today and they were rather similar to those I’ve experienced at CSU – small classes, relaxed teachers and schedules (I do love a schedule!). I got told I sound like Keith Urban (not impressed).

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