The MET and NYC!!

Friday January 16th 2015 Soo yesterday my mum and I went to the famous metropolitan museum of art in NYC! We got the train from Madison New Jersey around 9:20 and were at Penn Station New York by 10 am. We then went straight from there to the met. We got a cab which was about a 20 minute ride and costed 20 dollars .


The met is one of the most famous museums in nyc There is just so much to see from ancient Egypt to Rome to Asia and there’s even an expedition about American mourning dresses in the 1800s! The Entry cost is suggested to be 20 dollars however you can pay what you want. We did the Ancient Rome and Greek expeditions which were really cool. We also looked at the mourning dresses which was pretty impressive music was quite depressing though but it was worth seeing, we also looked at ancient Egypt which I love as there is just so much to see. Then we had a look at Asian art and cubism! It was well worth going to the museum!

the met nyc

After that we got a taxi to little Italy! We had a delicious lunch at this cute Italian restaurant.. Sadly they didn’t have a bud light beer but the food was really good though!!

little italy little

We then walked from little Italy back to Times Square which took about 40 minutes it was a rather cold walk but the sun was shining. After that I got a typical tourist photo in Times Square !

new york!

Then we headed back to Penn station to go home,. I really do love NYC and I can’t wait to go back next time! Keep posted for my best blog 🙂 X

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