7 Lessons in 7 Days


I’ve been in the US for a week now and here is what I’ve learnt so far:

1. Being 21 is my new superpower.

All I would say, is that all Australian students who want to study in the US should wait until they are 21.

2. That it can be freezing, with snow on the ground, but be sunny.

See picture below.


The day after it snowed.
: The day after it snowed.

3. That people do not know what an Australian sounds like.

My conversations at a party on the weekend:

“Hi, I’m [insert name here]”

“Hi, I’m Larissa”

“Oh, where ya’ll from? You don’t sound like ya’ll from here”

“Where do you think I’m from?”

“Europe somewhere?”



*Me weird look because Germany is in Europe* “Nope”

“England… Canada… France… Australia?”


4. That Americans love Australian accents

Following previous conversation:

“Oh ma god, I love ya’ll accent!”


Continues to either ask me to talk or copy what I’m saying (usually results in an English accent).

5. That Pizza is my new diet.

However, I have bargained with myself that it is perfectly okay to eat a cheese pizza about 3 times a week as long as you choose celery to go with it!



6. That everyone basically just wants to know if we have kangaroos

Questions have included:

“Do you have kangaroos there?”

“Can you pat them?”

“How big are they?”

“Have you seen a joey?”

“Are they like deer here?” (as in, are they everywhere and most commonly road kill)

7. That people here are lovely and just want to talk to you.

Everyone I have talked to this week has wanted to know everything about Australia, my accent and my life at home.  Coming here has proven that although we are different in many ways, we are all people, around the same age, who all have similar pressures, fun and aspirations no matter where we live.  It proves just what a small world we live in.


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