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Three weekends after I visited my friends in Switzerland, I traveled to Prague with my friends Mal and Christina (the two girls I traveled with to Ireland and Portugal). Prague is definitely one of my favourite places to visit!! The city’s beauty and history is absolutely incredible!! Thinking about this place now, if I was able to do a third exchange program, I would try and do it here!

Our first day in Prague was spent looking around the outside of the palace and the cathedral which is situated within the palace’s “village”. The cathedral is one of the most stunning aspects of the city. It is that tall that it is quite hard to get a good photo of it when you standing outside it.

The actual palace
the rear of the Cathedral

DSC05736 DSC05740

The second day started by doing a free walking tour. We met our tour guide called “Ashley”, who was Australian who has moved to Prague. After talking with Ashley, I found out that his study town was Bathurst.. Yes he went to Charles Sturt Bathurst Campus! (Small World haha). Ashley was the best tour guide I have had this entire exchange, not only because he studied in Bathurst and was Australia, but because he had really good humour! We found all his stories of the city and history fascinating and funny. I really enjoyed this tour.
At the end of the tour we went and looked at the Christmas markets. The markets were also amazing! With really good food (cheap as well!).

DSC05807 DSC05809 DSC05811

The next day in Prague was spent looking at all the souvenir shops. There were quite a lot in Prague. I spent hours looking for the best deals for presents for myself and my family. During the time shopping we went back to the Christmas markets because the food was really good! 😀
In the evening, Christina and I climbed the Astronomical Clock. The view was amazing! I took a lot of photos when I was up there.

DSC05821 DSC05838 DSC05848 DSC05854 DSC05862 DSC05875


I final day was spent back at the Christmas markets, and doing a little bit of shopping. We then had to leave the city around lunch time to catch a train to Brno (a few hours away) to get our flight back to England.

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