Classes, steak and shopping

Week 3 of classes has just begun and I’m starting to get into the rhythm of life at Wise.  The classes here are very similar to tutorials back at CSU, but I have no lecture style classes.

I have joined the student newspaper as a volunteer contributor with a story about the differences between living on-campus in Bathurst to Wise which is coming out on Wednesday.  It took a while for me to ‘translate’ some of the things eg. blackcurrent juice, ute and Uni.

Yesterday (Sunday) my suite-mate Ashleigh and me went to Johnson City in Tennessee to go shopping.  The prices here are much cheaper than Australia! The trip was also the first time I have eaten a pretzel (loved the saltiness) and we went to Texas Steak House, which was delicious!  This was alsothe first time I had to tip a waiter, so thank god I was with Ashleigh otherwise I feel like I would have overtipped a lot.

I have already successfully converted my suitemates into using ‘Uni’ and ‘breakie’ and they have convinced me to eat some questionable deep-fried foods at the Caf!

My roommate Kelsey and me
My roommate Kelsey and me.


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