GOODBYE USA.. Back to Australia!

Saturday January 17th 2015

usa flag

So I am currently at the airport typing up this blog  feeling very bittersweet as my time here in the USA is over. I am excited to go home but then I am going to miss the USA!

( due to technical difficulties this last blog is only getting published today However I did have this all written out though )

Apart of me will always have a place for Mansfield and for the USA in general. Even though this time I Didn’t get to go back to San Francisco this time I am for sure going back next time!

The last 6 and half months in the USA have been rewarding and an overall great experience. I got to go to places that I hadn’t been before such as Dallas, the coal mine, Philadelphia , Pittsburgh and I walked the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time ever.

I really enjoyed my time here as at Mansfield I was the British Australian and I enjoyed telling Mansfield students about England, Australia, Singapore and even California.

It was really rewarding being able to share your culture and learn so much about other peoples.

I am also sad to leave because I had to go say goodbye to my family however I will be seeing them in June though!

I know that someday I will go back to Mansfield and visit everybody. I am so thankful for this experience as I got to make so many more friends and have so many different adventures. I also learnt that I don’t really have just one home but many and my time in the USA will never be forgotten.

This photo was taken when I left Australia last July


This photo was taken today leaving the USA!


Its been a wonderful 6 and a half months USA and I will be back soon

See you soon Australia! 🙂


PS. I am thinking about starting another blog page about all the countries I have lived in/visited around the world so stay posted 🙂


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