Chester, Manchester and London

Hi Everyone,

After I came back from Prague, I sadly realised that I had only a few more weeks in the Chester before I was travelling to Finland. I spent my time completing my assessments and spending time with the many friends I had made at the University.

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One of my final weekends, I went with a few international friends to the Manchester Christmas Markets. The markets were really busy, which made it really hard to move around and look at all the shops. However, the decorations were really good!
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During my last weekend in Chester, two of my friends from Finland came and stayed with me in Chester. I met these two girls in Australia at Bathurst Campus. It was really good to see them both again. I acted like a tour guide and took them both around Chester.

DSC05920 DSC05921 DSC05931DSC05940


My home :)
My home 🙂


At the end of the weekend, my Finnish friends and I headed off to London for a few days. We found London really BIG!! It was a lot of fun exploring the city and seeing many of the tourist attractions, such as London Bridge and Big Ben. It is also worth going for a walk around these areas at night, because the attractions and city changes with all the lighting. We were also really lucky in London because of the warm sunny weather.

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Hope you enjoy the photos!

Joe 😀

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