Joining In!

Hey Ya’ll from Wise!

This week I’ve actually been pretty busy.  I went to the basketball on Thursday night.  Even though UVa Wise lost both the womens and men’s games it was still fun.  I ate pizza and a huge bag of popcorn while I tried to explain netball to people.  Sports are taken very seriously here and the athletes are treated like superstars, even at this tiny college.

My healthy dinner at the Basketball
My healthy dinner at the Basketball

I have joined the student newspaper as a volunteer writer.  You can read my first story at under ‘From a Dorm Down Under’. I’ve had lots of positive comments from my story. People especially liked my ‘translations’. The newspaper is published fortnightly.

My first story in the student newspaper.
My first story in the student newspaper.

I have signed up for Greek Recruitment to hopefully join a sorority.  Just learning about the process is making me excited!

I spent the weekend at my roommate’s house with her lovely family.  It was nice to get out of Wise for a night and I loved looking out the window as we drove.  The ‘bush’ is different here… obviously.

This week I booked a contiki tour for spring break in March.  The tour goes to California, Arizona and Nevada, focusing on LA, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas!

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl!  My room mate has just informed me that you cannot buy alcohol here on Sunday’s – what is this!! Got to go for a dash to Walmart! Toodles!


P.S. Have already got my suite mates into saying ‘Uni’ and ‘breakie’.

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