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Hi everyone,

It has been busy as the bus that comes by on Monday morning at 7:00am round here (fullest bus in the world)! So I’ve been studying at TRU for about 5 weeks now, midterm exams are a week away. Midterms are exams that they have here half way through a semester that account for huge portion of your subjects overall mark. On top of that, I have been assigned huge group projects for all of my subjects that are due pretty soon after I have to sit the midterms!

Organising groups for these projects really freaked me out at the start of the year but it has been easier to get together than I thought it would be… so happy =D
Preparing groups for the projects has actually been a great way to speak and get to know my peers here at TRU. When you have a few people you know and chat to about uni life it can make the university experience a lot better, especially when you are on exchange overseas.

It hasn’t all been uni study though, last weekend Kody and I got away to the Silver Star ski resort. This is Kody’s favourite place in Canada, she has been here a few times but it was all new experiences for me. Apparently there’s a rule in Silver Star that all the buildings have to have at least 5 colours! It makes for a colourful town lol. I’ve thrown in a few photos for guys below…

20150130_141026 20150130_133802 20150130_160936 20150130_142205 20150130_160945 20150130_171143 20150130_171350 20150131_132834 20150201_080725

While we were there we tried night skiing for the first time. The conditions were a bit icy which made for a few funny falls. We both wished that we had more time to stay because just as we were leaving they started getting a lot of new snow which would have made it nice and powdery again, we had a great time anyway though =)

Here’s a slightly older pic of me in front of the international building when I first started classes at TRU..


As you guys can see the uni is always covered in snow as well =)

Not too long ago we also went to a local wildlife park that rescues animals that¬†have been injured and aren’t able to return to the wild. We saw a bear and some massive birds and also a tarantula (big spider)! Got a few photos of that for you guys too..

20150110_122845 20150110_123521 20150110_123617 20150110_123849 20150110_123530 IMG_0843 IMG_0842 IMG_0841 IMG_0840

They had some wolves and a few different types of bears as well but they hibernate at this time of year.

Anyway that just about sums up the latest happenings! I’ll write again soon people. =)

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