Virginia Beach and Washington D.C.

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I’ve been rather busy over the last few weeks so I am only now posting about all that I’ve been up to in the last month!

After 2 weeks off school due to the snow and rain (which eventually led to flooding) we returned to school on Monday 2nd.  This only lasted until 3pm on Wednesday when school was cut short and the snow and rain caused school to be cancelled on both Thursday and Friday, leading us up to the Spring Break.  Because of this awful weather, Heather and I left Wise on Wednesday afternoon.

Our tour guide Betty and I inside the State Capitol
Our tour guide Betty and I inside the State Capitol

On Wednesday night we stayed in Richmond, the capital of Virginia.  Thursday morning, we ventured out into the rain into the center of Richmond to see the State Capitol.  Here we had the most informative and private tour from Better, an elderly lady who knew a lot about the State Capitol.  While we were there a Capitol Police service dog was having his retirement ceremony, before being returned to live with his master, with whom he served in the US army with.

We then drove to Colonial Williamsburg, where the capital of Virginia was originally.  It’s kind of like Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, with a whole town set up like it would have been in it’s hey-day.  However, the rain, sleet and snow (a ‘wonderful’ trilogy) convinced us that buying a ticket would not be worth it so we had a quick look in the visitors center and went to find some lunch.

We then went on to Virginia Beach where I stayed with lovely Heather and her family.  I experienced Chic-Fil-A for breakfast (fried chicken in scones), went to an old fashioned movie theatre, went to a Chinese buffet and a very cute bar in the suburb of Ghent.

Heather and I in front of the White House
Heather and I in front of the White House

On Saturday morning, Heather and I drove to Washington D.C., the nations capital.  After we arrived, we quickly worked out the Metro system and went to the National Mall.  This is the area where all those memorials and museums are in Washington D.C.  We managed to fit in seeing the Washington Monument, Jefferson Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool, the White House and the Smithsonian American History and Natural History Museums over the weekend.  We also went to Chinatown and wandered about Downtown Washington D.C.

On the Saturday we also experienced the nightlife of Washington D.C., venturing to Adams Morgan.  We were big fans of Shenagians Irish Pub, where the free pouring of alcohol made me very happy!  The music was great with a combination of old and new and we knew nearly every song!  An argument about when Daylight Savings started meant that we were lucky to get the absolute last trains home for the night.

Washington Monument
Washington Monument

In all, we were only in Washington D.C. for 24 hours but it was a great day.  Both Heather and I loved the city and there was so much to see that I could definitely go back again!

My last day in Virginia Beach was spent eating at a fancy beach restaurant, getting mani-Pedi’s and shopping for summer clothes for my trip to the West!

I want to thank Heather and her family for taking me in for the week.  Especially for Heather who literally drove me all over Virginia and interstate!

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