Hello again everyone!

So it has been quite a while since my last post which, with the glass half full gives me lots to update you all on.

Our latest adventure took us Vancouver Island to the city of Victoria and right up to the peak of the Island to a small town called Tofino. Victoria had a great parliament building to show us that the locals call the castle. I’ve thrown in picture below. We had some great sea food and then moved on all the way to the top to Tofino. Its a great little beach town that reminds of Byron Bay in a lot of ways. We even met someone working in pub there who was from Byron Bay! The beaches here although very beautiful do give an appreciation for Australian beaches. We duly do have the best in the world and the most amazing sand that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else in the parts of the world that I have explored.

The weather in Tofino was definitely something to write home about. We experienced 4 seasons in one day with heavy rain pouring on us one minute and then sunshine beaming down the next. We explored some of the docks and beaches but it was definitely too cold to jump in the water, although there were some die hard surfers who were braving the weather for their passion.

We got to have this great little holiday during the Easter break from uni and it was great to experience that part of Canada. My time at TRU has almost come to a close now however. I have 1 lecture left and 1 exam to go. All my results have been really good so I am looking forward to getting my international transcript. I have made a lot more friends here though than I thought I would so I am not so keen to leave just yet even though I don’t really have a choice. I am excited however to start some more traveling which is going to take me to some very exciting places such as Montréal, New York and Los Angels. I feel that have grown a lot for doing this exchange and I believe for the better. I honestly hope I get the chance to do this again before I finish my degree. I am looking forward though to seeing my friends and family again and I know Kody is as well.

Anyway as promised here are some happy snaps from our latest adventures. Enjoy!

IMG_0261 IMG_0257Beautiful Old Trees at The Cathedral Forest IMG_0256 IMG_0254 IMG_0252 IMG_0250 IMG_0251 IMG_0225 IMG_0226

As you can see we also went though quite an amazing forest. The moss all over the tress was quite a sight. I also visited a beer brewery in Tofino and picked up some great beer that enjoyed a lot =) Heres a few more pics!

IMG_0200 IMG_0194 IMG_0193 IMG_0201 IMG_0173 IMG_0166 IMG_0163 IMG_0158 IMG_0145 IMG_0143 IMG_0133 IMG_0135 IMG_0142 IMG_0132 IMG_0131 IMG_0125 IMG_0112 IMG_0115 IMG_0092

We took our hire car on a ferry to get to the Island. That was great experience as well. The ship went through a bunch of really small Islands just off of the Vancouver Island that people had built houses on and small towns and stuff. One day it would be great to go to one of them to have a look. There’s a picture with a mural of some First Nations on a wall above. We went through a town where loads of the buildings had these murals all over them. The town is actually quite famous for them. To explain the coffee a bit better, we visited a market that claimed they had goats hanging out on their roof. Kody really wanted to check it out so we went but our disappointment no goats. There was a lot of grass on the roofs though so there was the potential for goats. They had memorabilia that had goats on a roof taking a dump so we thought that was at least funny =)

Anyway that’s all I got for now guys. Don’t worry though, this isn’t my last post. I will at least make a few more on our travels on the other side of Canada and through the USA. So please stay tuned, more to come =D

Bye for now!

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