Easter and Day of Service

So I’m back in Wise again, with no planned trips (until semester finishes anyway) coming up!

Last weekend was Easter.  Differently to Australia, public university’s are not allowed to take public holidays off due to religious days so therefore Good Friday and Monday were spent at school.  It seemed no one had heard that you weren’t meant to eat meat on Good Friday but I tried my hardest not to eat fried chicken that day so Mum could be proud!

The waterfall at Little Stony.

The waterfall at Little Stony with Madison waving from near the top left.

On Easter Saturday Sidal and myself were shown some local sights by our friend Harley.  We basically saw Jefferson National Park from different angles and places.  We first went to High Knob, where you are able to see Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee (not that I knew where they all were!).  We then went to Pound Lake, a lovely lake not far from Wise that when it gets hot enough (I don’t think it ever will!) everyone goes swimming out.  It was so clean compared to all the lakes I’ve ever seen – compared to Lake Hume anyway.  We then met up with Madison and did a hike at Little Stony which is a waterfall and creek.  We had a great time and I think I got a week of exercise in on one day.

On Easter Sunday Madison invited me to spend dinner with her family.  It was so nice, and a lovely way to spend Easter if I couldn’t be with my own family.  I even liked the sweet potato casserole for a change! I think this American food is finally growing on me now that I’m about to leave!

Me, Sidal, Harley and Madison hiking on Easter Saturday.

Me, Sidal, Harley and Madison hiking on Easter Saturday.

The week went by fairly uneventfully.  We had laser tag Tuesday.  It was fun, but I thought,  I was doing

My front page story about travelling in the Highland Cavalier

My front page story about travelling in the Highland Cavalier

awesome but in the end I came 2nd last!  On Wednesday the Highland Cavalier student newspaper came out, with my story on the front page!  My story was basically free publicity for Contiki – I can’t help being a public relations student!  Since it’s come out, people keep asking me about my travels (it feels so long ago!).

Today (Saturday 11th) was UVa-Wise’s Day of Service.  It’s a day when volutneers for the students, staff and community come together to do community service and ‘beautification’. We all met up for a free breakfast this morning before getting separated into teams that did different things.  Activities included picking up rubbish on the side of the road, in public areas, on railway tracks and walking tracks; gardenning on campus and in the town; making dog blankets for the dog shelter; and helping at the cancer centre.  Teams and organisations of the Uni are encouraged to participate, including sporting teams and greek organisations.  Theta Phi Alpha first went to the Fairgrounds to pick up rubbish but discovered there was no rubbish to pick up there!  We then went back to the Uni and make dog blankets for the dog shelter.  This was pretty fun but I discovered that my blanket making abilities were a bit lacking – lucky the dogs won’t be too picky!

My pledge sister Anna and me with our dog blankets made at UVa-Wise's Day of Service

My pledge sister Anna and me with our dog blankets made at UVa-Wise’s Day of Service

Next week is Greek Week.  This is when all the Greek organisations dress up each day and participate in events/activities to earn points so that we can WIN! I think it’s just winning bragging rights but that’s enough to create some pretty competitive people!

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