I cannot believe I have officially been in the USA for over 2 weeks, if this is how quick it is going to go I’ll be home before I know it.

I wish I could have given daily updates about what I have been experiencing but I literally have not stopped, not to mention the reception I receive through my phone provider over here T-Mobile is shocking (apparently Horizon is the one to go for).

There is so much I could write about but I will try to summaries my time so far as well as possible by listing 3 things about each place I have.


LA – Explored downtown LA, I think it’s nicer than it is given credit for
– I made a friend just by walking across the road. The friendship led to me getting treated to the best tacos I have ever eaten, all a friendship needs right?
– Visited Venice Beach with a friend I met at the hostel ‘Stay on Main’ and received free spray tans!


San Diego – First day traveling with Contiki (I couldn’t have asked for a better group to travel with)
– Watched my first game of baseball; Arizona vs. Miami (officially a San Diego supporter due to buying a hat…)
– Visited the San Diego Zoo, and oh my gosh it was exercise and a half. If your going to go wear runners, and also visit the panda first if you don’t appreciate 30minutes waits.


Arizona – You know when you open up a hot oven, that is what Arizona felt like.
– Dealt with the heat in the best way possible by having a pool party
– Went to Sedona to do Jeep tour riding in the Wild West! (highly recommend visiting Sedona)


Grand Canyon – Finally had a vegetable here and my body loved me for it! Never been so happy to see broccoli

– Went for a hike down, and more importantly back up the canyon. Vegetables and exercise, grand Canyon was looking good.

– Witness the most beautiful sight I have seen to date; the sun rising over the Grand Canyon. You cannot visit the Grand Canyon without doing this, trust me.


Los Vegas – Loved the shopping here, and didn’t my wallet know it. Fell in love with the store ‘Banana Republic’ – found it similar to Witchery.
– I went to a club with an amazing roof top Terrance called Omnia. The price of drinks and even water ($11) gives you an indication of how nice this club was, worth a visit just to see the view from the top.
– My last night of Contiki will always be remembered. Who wouldn’t remember a limo ride in Vegas right?


I think San Francisco deserves it’s own blog. It would be impossible for me to only write 3 things about my visit here. Let me know if you are planning to visit one of these places and want more information on it.


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