To London and Beyond

My adventure has begun! I really enjoy the concept of travelling, but I always seem to forget about the part where I hurtle through the air with 800 other people for 20 hours. On my trip from Sydney to London, I discovered something worse than hurtling through the air with 800 strangers… being stuck on the tarmac for 3 hours with them. It’s frustrating because if you’re hurtling, at least you’re getting closer to your destination. A delay is just a little extra time for your butt to fall asleep and your legs to cramp up. But I am greatful that it did only end up being a 4 hour delay and that we didn’t have to stay in a hotel for a night, because that would have been incredibly frustrating. The best part about being stuck on the ground, was that they served us hotdogs! Not just regular hotdogs, these hotdogs were incredible! I think Qantas should put less time and funds into plane technology and more into ensuring that every flight has these incredible hotdogs. So we finally took off and thoughts such as this went through my head “we’re not moving fast enough to take off. We’re dead. Have the delicious hotdogs weighed us down? How dare they betray me”. Turns out the pilot actually knew what he was doing, and I actually have no knowledge of aerodynamics. Go figure. Anyway the rest of the flight is a blur of neck pillows and swelling feet and BOOM now I’m in London!

I spent most of the first day walking round like a zombie. I did a free walking tour which was actually incredible, it was really good to get orientated.  One thing I have noticed about London is that they don’t have the best street signs… I’ll never take the incredible Sydney street signs for granted again. Most of the times that I’ve gotten “lost”, I haven’t actually been lost, I’ve either been on or walked past the street I wanted, due to lack of adequate signage.

On my second day I bought one of those hop on hop off bus tickets and it was very over priced, but also actually really fun. Thats right, I rode about on a giant cliche double decker red bus. It was awesome. Here’s some shots of me in my natural element.

DSC01388 (1)DSC01416DSC01371 (1)

My selfie game got so strong


So I did one loop to work out what there was (Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big ben, Tower of London ect) and then a second loop where I got off at the places I wanted. It also began to rain. Here’s some shots of me in a poncho.


So yeah I’m having a great time so far. Also remember how I was nervous that 20kg of luggage wouldn’t be enough? Well I HATE it at the moment because my bag is so heavy and it’s so full that every time I want to take something out I have to repack the whole thing. I know I’ll enjoy having the extra stuff once I get to Ireland, but at the moment it’s a pain.

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