Paris and Venice and Munich… Oh my

That was such a cheesy title. I’m so sorry. I’m tired from all the travel i’ve been doing #segway. So on the 14th I hopped on a bus and set off around Europe for a tour with this incredible group of people.


So much happened over the next 11 days, I walked a lot, it rained a lot, I ate a lot of cheese, but mainly it was the most incredible experience that I would recommend to anybody.. heres how it went.


What can I even say? Paris was definitely the drawcard for any tour that I was doing. We got to do a city of lights tour, bike tour and had a picnic by the Eiffel Tower. One day was not enough, I barely got the chance to touch the list of things I wanted to do  and I was really glad that I had booked a hostel for 3 extra nights after my tour.

Highlight- taking this incredible photo11888108_10153174160175208_4109566296116291877_n( seriously.. do you know how well timed this is? have you ever tried to take a jump shot. It’s really hard).


Switzerland was just so incredibly beautiful. My favourite thing was learning about all the laws they have, for example it is illegal to make noise after 10pm. Like the cops can show up and arrest you. For making noise. At 10pm. Yeah. I got the train up to the top of Europe and I’m not going to lie I was a little disappointed, because of low cloud, we couldn’t see a thing. Here’s me.. not being able to see a thing. DSC01840

Having a great time looking at the sweet view–>

So all I really got was an expensive meal and altitude sickness. HOWEVER I’m sure it would have been beautiful on a nice day, but I wish I’d gone paragliding instead, NEXTIME.


Venice was probably my favourite stop on the trip. It was the majority of my group’s least favourite destination, probably due to the fact that it poured with rain and everyone got lost. But I was prepared for the rain, I had experienced squelchy shoes and soaking clothes in London, so I stayed pretty dry in my boots and very flattering poncho. I think it was my favourite stop just because it’s so different to anything else in the world. I just found it incredibly beautiful… and the gelato was the best

Highlight- Just walking around and taking in the beauty of the city.DSC02086

<– I’m flirting with danger by taking off my poncho for a photo.


Not going to lie, I didn’t really see much of Munich. It rained whilst we did our walking tour and we didn’t get in until about 5pm. BUT we were there the day I turned 21. I booked the tour not expecting to do anything on my birthday and I had celebrated with my family before I left. So the fact that my group made a big deal of it made it really special. Here’s me being terrified by an apple strudel covered by a wall of fire. At least thats what it felt like. Have you ever been sitting somewhere enjoying your authentic German meal and then suddenly 15 people start yelling at you in chorus and there is fire? I have. It was awesome.


Highlight- Turning 21 in a foreign country!

Rhine Valley

The sun was incredible. The rhine valley was such a beautiful place, but Literally all I remember was that it was sunny. After days of horrible weather… it was the best.

Highlight- The sun came out. Did I mention the sun? It didn’t rain. It was super sunny. Also there was sun. Here’s me basking in the glorious sun

DSC02188<-much sun


Amsterdam was an incredible way to finish off the trip! We got to cycle the streets and I discovered that the most dangerous thing about doing a cycling tour in a foreign country is not the pedestrians or the trams or the cars, because they all know what they are doing. No it’s the fact that you are in a pack of 20 tourists who have no clue what they are doing, including myself, which adds to the “adventure”.

Highlight- The boat cruise because it was one of the last things that we all did as a group.

To finish up I’m going to get real. I was super nervous about traveling alone and doing a tour by myself. Much to many people’s surprise I can be really shy and didn’t want to isolate myself.  My advice to anyone is that you don’t have to be nervous. Firstly everyone is in the same boat ( no really. we caught a ferry. HA) and most people are alone or only know one other person. Secondly it gives you a chance to meet a whole bunch of people, I didn’t have to be shy because i didn’t have anything to lose! Just do it. Seriously. Book a tour. Just make sure you pack a sturdy poncho.

Anyway! Next stop… Ireland! Uni starts Monday!

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