And the study begins…

Wow!! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted – time really does fly when you’re away! So much has happened in the past six weeks I’m not really sure where to start! I’ve done plenty of travelling but I suppose I’ll skip to the ‘school stuff’ for this post.

I’m now in my second week of classes at University of the Pacific (UOP) in Stockton, California in the US! It’s definitely been an eye opener so far and has taken me more to get used to than I expected!

Firstly, I arrived at UOP as one of only six international exchange students (we definitely formed a bond very quickly)! We were firstly assigned to on-campus accommodation which is great because I can experience the ‘real’ college lifestyle. After a being placed in the wrong accommodation (which is a whole other story), I was eventually moved to a three-share apartment with two other girls which is great 🙂

My initial week at UOP was jam-packed with heaps of introductory sessions and welcome celebrations which was a great way to get to know other people on campus! The week started with International Orientation, then New Student Orientation then ‘Weekend of Welcome’ so after a full week of craziness I was pretty exhausted. I definitely underestimated the challenges I would face moving to a new country and a new university and adjusting to a different system.

When signing up for my classes, the first surprise was that classes are run very differently here. For me, instead of having a lecture and tutorial for each subject each week (like in Australia), I have three classes per week for each subject so the classes a lot more regular! At the moment I’m taking three business classes and one French class (ahhh!!)… I’m happy with my business classes but French is definitely going to be a challenge for me :s

Now that I’ve been here at University of the Pacific (UOP) for two weeks, I can finally say I’m a lot more settled and am getting into a routine. The main cultural difference I’ve noticed so far is the enthusiasm and energy that people seem to have here. There also seems to be a lot of team community spirit and people have a lot of pride in their university. Stay tuned for my next update on living and studying abroad in the US!

Hanging with the UOP mascot!

Hanging with the UOP mascot!

The other exchange students (minus 1), our ambassador & student advisor

The other exchange students (minus 1), our ambassador & student advisor

Entrance to UOP!

Entrance to UOP!

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