Aran Islands and Bunratty castle

It’s crazy that only two weeks has passed since I last wrote, it feels like so much has happened! Basically I’ve settled into classes and life at Limerick. Clubs and societies are really big here at UL and I’ve joined the swim club, drama and the international society. It’s been really fun to be able to immerse myself in stuff that I don’t get to do back at CSU. The student union and international society also organise heaps of trips so I’ve recently been to the Aran Islands.

Storytime with Alanna so on the Saturday morning that I went to the Aran islands all my flatmates had gone home for the weekend. So I got up in my pj’s to get myself some breakfast and I come back…my door is locked. I have nothing to open it, except a fairly useless bowl of muesli. I don’t know who to call, I don’t know how to call the number that I don’t know. It’s 7:30 and I have to be on a bus at 8. My highly intelligent solution was to push on my door really hard. Which conveniently worked. I’m fairly sure I didn’t shut it properly. So I actually spent 15 minuets almost crying about a door that wasn’t even shut Anyway nothing wakes you up on a Saturday morning more than thinking your going to have to wonder around university in your pyjamas.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from the Aran Islands because I didn’t really look up what it was, I just went for something to do #wellresearchedtraveler. I also didn’t really think the whole “island” thing through because it literally didn’t occur to me that we would have to get on a boat until we got to the dock. I guess you could say that was my bad. Apart from the crippling seasickness that nearly lead to my demise, it was a pretty good day. Turns out that the Aran islands are an incredible place. It is a little Irish community, on an island (no way!)  and it was just incredibly cute and fascinating, here’s some pictures because my words are not doing it justice.


On this day we also experienced some traditional Irish weather. It rained for 10 min, then the sun came out, then it got cloudy, then the sun came out, then it rained with the sun out, then it got super windy, then it was sunny. What an emotional rollercoaster. But I am so grateful that it didn’t rain all day!

DSC02790 much wind. Much squinted eyes.

So the weekend after that I decided to stay local in Limerick and go an see Bunratty castle nearby. I thought that it would just be a castle but it turned out to be a town with displays of Irish homes throughout time. It was really cool to see all the traditional Irish farm houses.

My castle. Bow down Peasants
12002858_1224796947536644_7004200877139788661_n12019803_1224806427535696_2639222158649228330_nThey also had free dancing lessons which I, of course, excelled at.


Also I bought this incredibly traditional and not at all touristy hat.

I have managed to get all my classes into Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Although it means these days are busy, it also means that I can travel around Ireland on the weekend and still have time to study on the other weekdays. Its also really convenient that Ireland is so small that you can get wherever you want to go in pretty much a few hours. Overall I’m having the most incredible time! More soon.

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