Things are different from home?? What??

Hi again,

IMG_5317I want to dedicate this post to talking about the differences in the US and Australian university systems (from my experience)!

The classes are definitely different here than Australia. The main difference I noticed is the frequency of classes and assessments. I have three classes each week for each of my classes (so 13 per week). This is definitely more than the number of classes I was going to while in Australia. Generally there are a number of individual assessments for each subject (up to 10) which are worth a lower percentage than assessments in Australia. As an example, I have 10 separate assessments for one of my classes (each worth 10%). At first the system seemed quite overwhelming but it has actually been fairly achievable as each assessment requires less time and effort.

Here’s a couple of differences in the language (both academic and random) that I’ve noticed so far:

  • Lecturer = Professor
  • Uni = School or university (people look confused when you say uni here)
  • Thongs = Flip flops
  • Swimmers = Bathing suit
  • You all = y’all

Thanks for reading 🙂


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