Irish Slang

I’m back again! So I’ve been away from home for exactly 2 months now and been living in Limerick for 6 weeks. It’s strange to me how easily I’ve started to fit into Irish culture, at first the way everybody talked and acted seemed strange, but now I find it normal and even caught myself doing some of it.

For example Irish people say the word “grand” all the time, I’m grand, you’re grand, everything is grand. Fun fact, if something is grand, it is not as good as when something is great, which makes no sense. It’s probably because they throw out the word grand every 5 seconds it loses its meaning.

My other favourite Irish saying is “no bother”. It’s just so easy! None of this “ oh don’t worry about it” “ oh your fine! Haha”. Just no bother move on. If somebody bumps into you “no bother”. If someone steals part of your traditional Irish meal of chips with a side of chips “no bother”. If someone hits you with a truck “no bother”. If someone steels your pint of Guinness…. Ok no then you have a problem.  It’s simple subtle changes, but it really makes you feel like your part of the culture when you start using it.

Classes are also in full swing here, I’ve discovered that many of my courses consist of a group project and an exam, with an essay sometimes. Although the concept of having to form a group to work in is initially daunting, I’ve met some cool people, both Irish and international. Also all of my teachers are so welcoming to the international kids and they all offered to help us find people to work with.

Last Friday we went to a Munster Rugby game locally in Limerick, which was a really strange experience. Firstly the crowd was really close to the players. Secondly when a player went to kick the whole crowd went silent, no matter what the team. There was just another level of respect that I’ve never experienced at a sporting event before.

12067822_10153271323255208_1502202654_nThe following day we went to Galway, which excited me muchly because my favourite Irish song is Galway girl. I think the high point of Galway was firstly seeing the sea for the first time in months and secondly sitting in a pub watching Australia kick England out of their own Rugby world cup. Super satisfying.


I’ve had a blast being so close to the UK when the world cup is being hosted in England, it’s been a really fun atmosphere here. Another Irish saying that I’ve picked up at Irish rugby matches is “Come on lads”, which in the Irish accent is MON LADS. Just shout that whenever and you sound like a professional Irish rugby enthusiast.

The next weekend I spent the day seeing cork and Blarney castle. Here’s me kissing the Blarney stone and gaining the “gift of the gab”.  Basically now I’m super eloquent and have the ability to talk for ages about nothing. Score.


This looks ok but is actually terrifying, like there is a man holding you there so you don’t fall to your death. Ok I’m exaggerating slightly. It was grand. No bother.

I enjoyed cork as well, but I have to say I’ve become a bit of a castle enthusiast since I’ve been here so I really enjoyed the first part of the day wondering around the grounds.


Also apparently I’m scared of horses

DSC03102 DSC03103

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