What happened to the time?

I can’t help but highlight how incredibly quickly my study abroad in the US went! I’m still travelling around the US now so it feels like my adventure hasn’t ended although my studies in the US are well and truly finished (as of Dec 11th)!

It’s hard to really articulate how much my time abroad has changed me both personally and professionally. I have learnt an incredible amount about the United States and Australia (as well as other countries) since coming abroad. The experience has given me so many insights into other cultures and really challenged me to rethink my judgements and perspectives in life! I have definitely learnt to become more accepting and understanding of different points of view and ways of life. I have also grown to understand myself better, particularly what makes me unique from other people.

I would say that the greatest aspect of my time abroad was the connections I made with people along the way – local American students, international students, university staff, professors and everyone else I met along the way. I found people to be extremely friendly and welcoming which I really valued during my time away from home. It was also interesting to observe the differences in the education system (which I found easier than the Australian system) – the style of teaching, assessments and grading definitely varied in a number of ways. Another highlight of my time abroad was going on trips away with the university, with friends or even by myself. Some of my favourite ‘getaways’ included San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Seattle, the coast of California, Arizona and Napa Valley.

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