Sitting Tight

A week out from my departure date… Trying to get everything organised;

  • Final exams and Study
  • Packing up my room on campus
  • Last minute details like a Cashpassport, Mobile plans, Packing, required supplies
  • Coordinating my trip plans and obtaining my computer from family before heading up to Sweden

I’m so excited but nervous. First solo trip! Hahaha parents are more stressed than I am at the moment. But why be stressed? This is going to be an amazing adventure and fingers crossed I’ll find my Prince Charming! What else is this but a hunt to find a perfect European Prince Charming?

Oh yeah… Study…. Well that’s not at the forefront of my mind at the moment. I’ll think about that and work that all out when I get to Malardalen University for Orientation week in August!

Best get back to study now though! Talk soon.

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