Oh My Goodness I’m Leaving Tomorrow!

I’m flying out tomorrow night! This is my last night at home for over 8 months!! Crazyyyyyy!

Yesterday I had an exam, smashed it out, went for lunch at Dining Hall (delicious as usual), signed out of my room, packed all my belongings, cleared out my room, cleaned my room, packed my car, said goodbye to everyone that was still left in the dorm and drove home. Took longer than expected to get all that done but I did it. Saying goodbye to all my girls was probably the hardest part.


20160615_224933Got home to a lovely cooked dinner by mum and unpacked everything. After dinner I looked into my plans for backpacking before my study starts – colour coded it and everything!

Today I woke up nice and early to head to the
shops with my mum and do every last minute thing I could think of! I bought all my necessary toiletries to take over with me (had to spend my 60 dollar Priceline giftcard) as well as some ear plugs, Australian branded travel travel tags and RDIF passport and card protectors from the reject shop.

Mum and I then went on to Uniqlo to grab a bargain of a lightweight travel jacket, grab a cash passport to put all my money on (that of course didn’t go smoothy…) and then run – quite literately – to Lincraft and back to the car before the 3 hour free parking ran out. All in the name of obtaining some sew-on/iron-on Australian flags to decorate my backpack. Because who doesn’t want to broadcast that they’re Australian overseas??? I mean we are universally loved right. Yeah that’s what I thought so they’re now on my bag.

My grandparents wanted to see me off so Grandma cooked a 3 course dinner! Bless her. It was delicious and so much fun! Laughed till I cried making fun of dad for how overprotective he was being 🙂

Now just at home trying to bring everything I need for my travels into one spot as they are currently spread throughout the house. It’s starting to cover the dining room table. But I’ll get it all packed tomorrow. Sort myself out then I’m gone!


By the way this past Saturday I thought why not go out with an Aussie Bang! Shannon Noll was amazing!20160611_223531

Talk soon x

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