It’s Finally Official

It is finally official,  I’ll be departing Sydney airport on the 8th August. I do have a return flight home from Heathrow airport in early January, however nothing is set in concrete.

I’ll have a few days to settle into my new residence before I head to Athens. In my residence i will live with 20 other girls including local and international students, which is only a 10 minutes walk from Comillas (my new uni). I will then fly to Athens where i will start my  13 day Greek Island Hopping Contiki Tour! The tour will include Athens, Mykonos, Ios and Santorini.greek-island-hopping-map-600x600

After the tour I will head back to Madrid and do some exploring before Uni starts. There will be 3   O day’s (29/30/31 August) that will include tours of the uni, tours of Madrid and other activities. Classes will commence on the 1st September.

It’s great to finally have everything booked and ready to go, it’s just time to start thinking about packing. I keep getting asked if  I am nervous or how am i feeling and my response every time is that I’m excited! I am about to go to a new country, new city, new uni, new language and new culture where I know no one – what an adventure! I’m sure the nerves will arrive once I land or maybe even on the plane but this is a once in a life time opportunity and i’m ready to take and live this dream opportunity.

Talk to you all when i’m on the other side of the world,

Jess xx


About jsarge12
21 year old exchange student in Madrid for a Semester!

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