Two weeks in PARADISE


I’m in Spain and it’s already the 25th of August where has the month gone already?

I just got back from my two week Contiki tour Island hopping around the incredible Greek Islands. A blog is somewhere to write your thoughts/experiences in words so others can try and understand but i am honestly lost for words. GREECE WAS INCREDIBLE! I spent three nights in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and IOS and now I’m back, i already miss it all. The food, the views, the people, the parties. My Contiki group was rather large with 78 people, however this meant there were plenty of people to meet and greet throughout the entire trip. I was roomed with a great girl from England who i will travel with later on in the year. Majority of the group was made up of Australians and Canadians with a couple of Americans and UK folk to sum us all up.

Coming back to Madrid has already had a warm homely vibe, a couple more girls have started moving in making it feel more like a residence. The ladies that cook and clean for us are so lovely, with only one being able to speak a little english (helping me a lot). Not a lot of people speak english in Madrid, which is making it a little difficult to get around but placing more pressure on me to learn Spanish. Each day, more and more words are sticking, however it is such a slow process. The language is always going to be a challenge each day but thats why I’m here, to learn Spanish!

On Monday i will start Uni, the first three days are orientation days and then classes will commence. I’m starting to feel a little strange about it, unsure if it is nerves, fear or excitement or maybe all three? I have already meet my uni buddy, Ana. She is an absolute angel! She has shown me around the central of Madrid, come with me to get my phone set up and helped me with my student train ticket.

I have started posting endless photos on Facebook and recently set up instagram – “jsargee” feel free to follow me.

Talk soon,


Jess xx

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