It’s All Happening

Hello readers,

I am currently sitting in the library of Comillas, it is rather new, clean and quiet. My timetable has been sorted and i’m finally starting my first official week of University here in Madrid.  I have classes Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. This means of course long weekend travels here i come. Today being Monday is going quicker than i thought which is lucky as class doesn’t finish until 6pm. My classes include: Current issues from a Spanish perspective, Trade and Investment, Spanish and Comparative Culture.

The time here is already flying by, almost every girl has moved into our residence. It is like organised chaos with so many girls coming and going to different universities and activities, which is kind of how i would explain Madrid and Uni a little. For example we eat lunch here sometime after 3 and then dinner is sometime after 9.  The earliest i have eaten dinner is 8.30pm because we went out for dinner. Then if you are to go out for just drinks that usually doesn’t have until around 10 and then if you go to a club, you don’t go until 2am. This is why the Spanish have siestas, which are incredible by the way.

The travel plans are well and truly underway, with trips booked and trips still in the planning progress. It is so great being around people who are exchange students just wanting to travel as much as possible. Another bonus  is being in Europe, where it is actually cheaper 90% of the time to fly to another country rather than somewhere in Spain. For photo’s please follow me on Instagram or Facebook (as this blog doesn’t want to let me post photos).

Confession: it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, Spanish is actually really hard. I found it very difficult trying to learn it before i came here despite all the resources i had access to and now i’m here it’s still not easy. I have Spanish classes here twice a week, that are really fun and the absolute basic (which is exactly what i need) however it is very challenging trying to remember words and pronounce them correctly. I know i will get better but for now.. no español.


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