Little Observations

What I think is great about MDH is that instead of just one week of O Week activities like CSU there are three! We get three weeks of organised social activities that range from trips to IKEA to pub crawls. I’ve gotten to know so many lovely people that are incredibly helpful! And let me tell you helpful people are required because actually figuring out anything MDH is a nightmare.

First of all they don’t make it especially easy, particularly for international students to get started. The amount of hoops you have to jump to simply get your student card is ridiculous, but the thing is that they know it’s hard and they apologise for what we have to go through to get started but it’s not like they’re going to change it for future students because their outdated yet security concious system is in place. So getting started in MDH in Sweden may be a little harder than anywhere else in the world (I wouldn’t actually know only having done this exchange) but with patience everything works out. After three weeks of being a student I have finally got my MDH card as proof.

But enough about technical mumbo jumbo! Let me tell you about what I’ve picked up so far;

  • Swedes are exceptionally good at speaking English which is both a good and a bad thing as I have and feel no need to have to learn the language. Little bit of a bummer but that can be handled because…
  • …the Swedish language is so hard! The sounds they make with their mouth and throughout a mere sentance don’t make sense. It’s like their mouth is working overtime at a pace I could never reach!
  • Swedish people are exceptionally reserved. Eye contact walking the streets and around Uni is avoided and trying to start small talk with a Swede results in a funny look from them thinking you’ve gone mad.
  • Swedes are not exceptionally reserved when they start drinking. It’s like the term social lubricant takes on a whole new meaning here. They come completely out of their sober shells and they are more than happy to talk to you and even initialise conversation.

Hands down. Your human relatives know where you are, why you’ve gone and when you’re coming back. Your dog probably thinks you’ve DIED!

  • Therefore the hardest part about reserved swedes is whilst they walk around with their dogs they don’t want to make contact with you but you want to stop and talk to them just to pat their dog! But it’s a cultural norm to keep to ones self and it’s killing me!

Other than those small things it’s pretty nice here. Lovely, super beautiful people everywhere. It’s 20 degrees most days with sunshine which I’m told is unheard of for it’s warmth but hey I’m Australian and I brought the weather with me 🙂

I’m so excited for when it gets cold though! Bring on my first WHITE WINTER #Newexperiences!

PS. when you get here all anyone is capable of talking to you about is;

  1. Australian Wildlife
  2. That they want to travel to / live in Aus

So brush up on your knowledge about Aussie wildlife and all things relating to the Aussie housing market!

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