Hello wonderful readers,

Time for another quick post from Madrid. I’ve officially been here a month now and I can honestly question where on earth did the time go? I guess I can just apply the classic quote “Time flies when you’re having fun”.

Let’s start with school, i’m officially at the three week mark and I feel mostly settled. I have been assigned groups for most classes to start large assignments. Unlike most subjects back at CSU, here  my marks come from one large assignment/presentation, the final exam and then class attendance and participation. The groups make it the large presentation more fun, I mean how often are you with people from all around the world conducting a presentation together. Spanish classes are definitely my favourite even though I find them the most challenging. I would like to say that my Spainish is good but it’s really not. I’m better than when i arrived but i’m at the slow part of learning now, where it feels like you take one step forward and two steps back, I will get there though.

I don’t think there has been a day where we haven’t spoken about a trip to somewhere. I have officially booked majority of my trips for the next couple of weekends. Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to go San Sebastian for the weekend, which is at the top of Spain, not too far away from the French boarder. It was simply beautiful, with  a couple beaches, great food and perfect sunny weather. I honestly didn’t want to come back to Madrid. I feel settled in Madrid now, it is home. The residence with the girls is great and i’m starting to get myself around by foot and metro without using google maps.

Last weekend we went right to the bottom of Spain, to a city called Malaga. It was again another great weekend with a beach, wonderful food, views and history. Unfortunately one of my friends was pick-pocketed here which dampened the mood on the Friday, nevertheless with some Tinto, Sangria (Sweet wine based drinks) and a huge fashion show down the middle of the main street, the mood soon changed for us all.

What’s next?
Well tomorrow I fly to Rome with a friend to then do a tour for a couple of days at the Amalfi Coast. The weather forecast looks great and i’m so excited.

Upcoming trips include: Copenhagen, Scotland and Ireland.

Post soon, sorry again for no pictures- unsure whats wrong with my wordpress account.
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Jess xx

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21 year old exchange student in Madrid for a Semester!

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