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Hello readers,

It is that time again – blog post from Madrid.

I am just back from a four day weekend in Italy. For those wondering how and why i’m going to all these different countries just for weekends – there are a couple of explanations. Firstly I don’t have class on Friday – instantly a long weekend. Secondly, flights in Europe are very cheap, a lot of the trips we have booked our flights there and back for under 50 euros. Thirdly, with cheap flights and air BNB’s – our weekend trips to other countries are actually cheaper than weekends in Spain.

My friend Isabelle from the USA and I  first flew  into Rome, where we spent the day running around the city. I have been to Rome a couple of years ago, but it was just as magically.  We saw the classic tourist destinations around the city, such as: Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, parts of the Roman Empire.  Picture this- dinner at an Italian restaurant, temperature about 25 degrees, eating both pizza and pasta with a man playing his accordion in the background, followed by gelato next to the Trevi fountain.

Later that night we boarder the bus to the Amalfi coast, with an American company Bus2Alps. Fun fact: 105 people on tour, 1 Australian, 1  South African tour guide and 103 Americans. At early hours of the morning we arrived to our hostel in Sorrento, where we stayed for the next three nights.

Our second day, we caught a ferry to the wonderful of Capri. It was breath taking! We spent the day exploring the island.  Some of my highlights would include: Getting into a five man row boat and  entering into a cave that had the bluest water I had ever seen. Another highlight was taking the single man chair lift to the top of the island where you had 360 views. The tour boat around the island was another breath-taking moment. It was one of those pinch me moments, as everywhere you looks is like a post card.

As you could imagine our days were filled with carbs and a little dairy.  With several stops at Gelato shops throughout the day and pizza and pasta for lunch and dinner, it is safe to say that I gained a couple of kilos.
Our last full day was spent in the fabulous Positano. It is very touristy but 95% of the shops only sell Italian goods. From food to clothes to many amazing pieces of art. Laying on a sun bed looking to the right and seeing the famous picture perfect view of the houses and water, reminded me just how lucky I am. Huge shout out to Mum and Dad for supporting my endless dreams and goals and a huge thank you to CSU GLOBAL for allowing this opportunity, i’ll be forever grateful.

Our final day before we flew back home to Madrid, we visited the famous ancient town of Pompeii. It is very hard to comprehend everywhere you walk and see is thousands and thousands of years old (and the amount of people from all over the world who visit it). Safe to say Italy was an incredible weekend.

Will be in Madrid for the next two weeks- talk soon.

(Reminder for photos- add me on instagram @jsargee or on Facebook – Jess Sargent


Jess xx

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21 year old exchange student in Madrid for a Semester!

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